Our approach to software projects is very unique. Most consulting companies worry about billable hours, and nothing else; but that is extremely short-sighted. Yes, billable hours are important, but not the endgame. We want to be like a top notch trail guide, who points out things to avoid, direction on how to overcome obstacles on the trail, and also take you to places very few people are ever able to experience.

Here are some ways in which we are able to accomplish this. 

Project Success

The highest priority for us is project success. No matter how hard everyone tries, or what fantastic technology we used, project failure negates all benefits. In order to achieve success, the project needs to be run effectively.

Team Mentorship

Very rarely, does an existing software team have all the skills required to finish a project on time and within budget. Any good team can get the project done, but it may mean a lot of extra time getting up to speed in a specific technologies. We can also help your team with agile practices and improving existing software methodologies and architecture.

Mentoring does not mean "We're better than your current developers". We have seen too much of that attitude from other consultancy firms. Knowledge transfer is a two way street. Your developers will already have much more domain knowledge and every member of the team has an equal voice in helping make decisions where input from all team members is needed.

Quality Codebase

The state of the codebase will be what people talk about for months or even years. Maintaining spaghetti code is no fun at all; which is why we need to be smart about how we run the project. There are some very simple things that make a huge difference.

The Deliverables

In the end, you will be left with:

  • A project which has successfully been completed to your satisfaction
  • A team who knows what it takes and has the skills to get the next iteration completed within their estimates
  • A codebase that the entire team can support

Contact us to set up an initial phone call to see if we are a good fit for your next project or iteration.