How to Hire the Right team

Oct 23, 2018 by Matt Dixon

Hiring the right team for your software development business is vital to the health of your company. However, the challenge lies in building a team that you are confident and comfortable to work with. But worry not! With careful research and correct strategies, this lengthy process can be simplified to heighten your chances of hiring the right team.

Here are a few approaches and methodologies you can employ to hire the right people for your team.

Hire Slowly

The process of hiring the best talent normally starts way before the interview. One effective approach used by most successful organizations is identifying potentially qualified candidates way before the interview by systematically evaluating resumes obtained from career sites, colleges, recruiters, and employee referrals. The benefit of this approach is that it streamlines and increases the efficiency of your entire recruiting process significantly.

Do not Make It a One-Man-Show

Regardless of the level of proficiency an individual has, their genuine talent stands out when they are part of a team. Simply put, it is much more possible to produce premium work with a team of specialized, highly talented, individual programmers who are willing to work together.
As a project leader, maintaining a sense of balance between proficiency, skills, and experience is the single most important step towards building an A-class team.

Connect With Your Development Team

Your connection with your new team of developers is vital for the success of your project. Treat them as well as you treat your best customers. Remember that they are part of your business and they are the ones making the magic happen. Satisfied developers work harder, contribute more, feel empowered, appreciated, and call in sick less.

Evaluate the Level of Communication

Evaluate how effectively your team communicates. To ensure that your hire an effective team, consider the following factors.

  • What language skills do they possess
  • What medium do they communicate through
  • What software and applications do they use
  • How fast and accurately will they respond to your queries

Learn Their Development Process

Get to know your team’s development process. This will help reveal the level of strategic planning within your team and ensure successful completion of projects on time and within budget. Most times, project managers will measure the development process through a pilot project that normally takes 3 to 6 weeks. This duration allows you to evaluate how well your team is capable of completing a task with minimal liabilities and risks.
Hiring the correct development team is vital to the success of your project. Select a team that works well to your requirements. Above all, hire a team that understands your goals and whose desire to unveil a successful project is just as strong as yours.

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