CODE Program

Cultivate. Optimize. Develop. Enhance.

Creating a Growth Culture for Development Teams

The CODE Program is Front Range Systems’ newest approach to helping clients. CODE is a coaching program focused on creating a growth culture within teams for personal and professional skill development through small and regular, character-based lessons. CODE was designed with your team’s growth and skill enhancement in mind.

This is a customized, interactive learning experience with monthly topics to help cultivate your team's soft skills. We help create better problem solvers, who can adapt to changes, perform and meet company expectations more efficiently and effectively and to further help your team better position themselves and attain higher performance overall. A team’s growth has a lot to do with who is leading them so leadership support and leadership learning is a focal point in CODE. Positive management interactions with teams can provide optimal collaborative efforts, communication and comfortability in the workplace.

The CODE program helps teams tap into their full potential by providing them with the tools and one-on-one coaching necessary to create better habits around connecting with others in the workplace, setting and achieving goals, motivation and discipline, and developing positive mindsets.

Six Month Program
Features Each Month

  • 2 Group Calls
  • 1 Individual Company Call
  • 1 One-on-One Call Session
  • Unlimited Digital Access to Your Coach

The focus of this program is team support, leadership learning and skill expansion. We will help your team Cultivate new ideas, mindsets and goals to better position themselves in their role, Optimize their skills to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, Develop new ways of doing things, learning, growing and focusing on tasks at hand, and Enhance their knowledge, skills and strengthen work processes and capabilities overall.  

If you would like more information on our coaching program, you can visit our Coaching Website

Our services are completely personal and customized to the organization. We want to help your team be more effective, efficient and create the positive growth culture within the workplace needed for your team's optimal performance.

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