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High Octane, High Impact Fractional CTO

Whenever You Need It 

All the impact, at a fraction of the investment.

We provide part-time strategic tech leadership to optimize resources, improve team dynamics, and streamline business processes. With our high-value Fractional CTO you can achieve your technology initiatives. 

Book Your 30-minute Technology Clarity Call to Get Started.

  • What tech initiatives will have the greatest impact on our business? 
  • Where are there gaps in our IT proficiency and expertise? 
  • Do we have the capability to scale effectively and expand seamlessly?
  • What technological obstacles are impeding our progress? 
  • Are existing systems fortified against breaches and threats? Are we meeting compliance standards? 

We specialize in assisting businesses with impactful technical initiatives that don’t require a full-time CTO. Together, we can navigate this process and achieve lasting, positive change.

Elevated Tech Leadership Customized To Your Needs 

Every CEO can benefit from the perspective and expertise of an outside partner in shaping smarter tech strategies. That’s precisely where Front Range Systems Fractional CTO Services excel, delivering valuable insights and support. By leveraging their deep understanding of emerging technologies and industry trends, our Fractional CTOs offer a fresh perspective that complements internal expertise. We customize our approach for each client, since no two businesses are the same.

Our collaborative approach ensures that we not only incorporate the latest innovations into tech strategies but also tailor them to meet the unique needs and goals of the business, thus driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.


Matt Dixon: Fractional CTO| Founder & CEO, Front Range Systems

Meet Your Fractional CTO

As a Fractional CTO, I provide businesses with technology clarity, delivering strategic guidance and oversight on technology initiatives without the need for a full-time commitment. My role empowers organizations to adeptly navigate intricate technological landscapes, optimize their tech stacks, and align technology strategies seamlessly with their business objectives. Leveraging my extensive experience and deep insights, I enable companies to make informed, impactful decisions that drive innovation and fuel growth.

Our specialized team collaborates with visionary CEOs to strategically address and resolve the technology challenges impeding their progress. Working directly with you, executive to executive, I ensure you receive the critical updates, comprehensive reports, and clear insights necessary to effectively communicate with your board and make informed leadership decisions. Above all, we focus on delivering the innovative outcomes you seek, moving beyond mere IT activity to achieve transformative results

Our Area of Expertise

  • Tech Strategy 
  • Solving Technology Problems and Issues 
  • Leading Technology Teams 
  • Tech Team Alignment 
  • Building Tech Teams 
  • Budget Management and Reviews 
  • Vendor Management  
  • Software Development  
  • Cybersecurity 

Who We Help

  • SMBs 
  • Startups
  • Companies needing digital transformation 
  • Specialized Industries: Sports, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, and more. 

Our Process

You benefit from the expertise of a seasoned CTO, backed by a team of tech industry veterans, ensuring you’re fully equipped to achieve your business objectives. 

  1. Discovery Call
    We assess your business’s current technology strategy. This in-depth assessment sets the stage for tailored recommendations and strategic insights moving forward. 
  2. After the Initial Assessment
    Our team will provide recommendations based on your needs. Furthermore, we can then partner with you at the level you need to help achieve your technology goals and meet your needs.

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